About Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza

The story behind the best frozen pizza

We’re a family-owned craft pizza company based in Wisconsin that gives a darn about quality, mustaches and crafting mouthwatering, delicious pizza.

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Our founder, Gaspare “Papa Palermo” Fallucca, was a passionate guy who gave a darn about quality and creating the best frozen pizza. A Sicilian immigrant who came to the Americas in 1954, he had with him a fifth-grade education, a suitcase full of family recipes and the firm belief that pizza should be over-the-top and get your taste buds begging for more.

Papa Palermo’s passion would come out in a loud and excited voice. Those around him would say, “Don’t scream at me!” and “Why are you screamin’ at me?” He would reply, “I’m not screamin’!” So, when we set out to make the best frozen pizza, we decided that the best way to honor Papa Palermo’s magnetic passion, thick mustache and over-the-top, screamin’ nature was to name our Screamin’ Sicilian Pizza after the man we all loved and bring his mustache’s legacy into homes across America. In our world, if you’re not screamin’ about your frozen pizza, then it ain’t the best frozen pizza there is.

How do we make the best frozen pizza?

Pure Sicilian love, my friend! Making the best frozen pizza starts with our carefully crafted and individually rolled stone-fired butter crust. Next up: our tongue-popping, secret-recipe tomato sauce made from the freshest tomatoes (and no, we can’t tell you the recipe because we’d have to off ya, Sicilian’s honor). Then, we pile ridiculous amounts of whole milk mozzarella cheese from the good ol’ cheese state of Wisconsin followed by TONS–and we mean TONS–of delicious, bold toppings, like huge, mouthwatering Italian meatballs, thick-cut premium pepperoni or glistening medallions of spicy Italian sausage.

Got a question?

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We made a pizza video!

We’re not saying that our frozen pizza doesn’t result in buttery crust comas from pizza hallucination that inspire creative ideas, but we’re not, not, saying that either. We made a thing. Check it out.

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