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Taking pizza love–and pizza coupons–to the next level

When your pizza gets its own moniker of mustache pizza, you’re kind of a big deal. And you can get on the inside when you join our Scream Team. Join to unlock your first pizza coupon, and we’ll send one every month to help ensure that delicious pizza makes it from the freezer aisle to your freezer door. We even made a ‘stache Snapchat filter so you can show all your friends how to properly take a bite out of a Screamin’ Sicilian pizza the Screamin’ Sicilian way. We’re here to make the good times better, my friend.

Wear the ‘Stache

All our pizza boxes come with the signature ‘stache pop-out, but you don’t have to wait to have fun. Download all six Screamin’ Sicilian ‘staches right here and show us your best Sicilian.
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Add the Sicilian to your Snapchat

Bring the Screamin’ Sicilian into your Snapchat with our Screamin’ filter. (Warning: once you go ‘stache, you don’t go back.)
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